Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programs at Eternity2022-07-25T14:14:02-07:00

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Announcing 18 new bachelor’s degree programs

Two Degrees for the Price of One

Eternity has partnered up with Indiana Wesleyan University to offer 18 new degree options! These unique, dual-degree programs combine our in-depth Bible classes with the specialized training needed to navigate your chosen career field. Not only will you earn two degrees for the price of one, you can complete both in 4 years!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes the same price as my other classes at Eternity?2023-07-07T13:35:52-07:00

The cost per credit hour for Eternity courses is $275. The cost per credit hour for your IWU courses is $300. You will make all your payments / transactions through Eternity Bible College and as always, you can be on one of our flexible payment plans if you need to do so! 

Will this take longer than four years?2022-06-29T16:15:09-07:00

If you are a full time student, this will take exactly four years to complete. However, you do not have to complete this in four years. You’re more than welcome to work through the program as quickly or slowly as you need. 

What if I already have a degree from Eternity?2022-07-01T12:08:30-07:00

If you have received a certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree from Eternity, then you are more than welcome to participate in this new partnership program! Bachelor’s students will only have their IWU courses left to finish and associate/certificate students may still have a handful of Eternity courses to finish alongside their IWU degree programs. 

Are the classes in person or online?2022-08-03T15:34:32-07:00

All classes in the Dual-Degree program are online.

Is this accredited?2022-06-29T16:13:34-07:00

Yes, both Eternity Bible College and IWU are fully accredited colleges. This means you will receive two degrees from two different accredited colleges. 

So I get two bachelor’s degrees?2022-06-29T16:12:36-07:00

Yes! This is different and better than a “double major.” It’s a dual degree partnership program where you will receive one bachelor’s degree from Eternity, a Bachelor of Biblical Studies AND a second bachelor’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in one of 18 degree options in the partnership program. The best part is that you get both in the time it normally takes to earn one degree and at only a minimal additional cost.