Local Church Mentor Requirement

Eternity desires to produce graduates that are well-rounded, spiritually mature men and women. In order to accomplish this overarching goal, we believe we must incorporate more than classroom experience; we believe we must create opportunities in which the knowledge gained in the classroom setting can be applied in their respective life and ministry settings. Practical application, character development, and spiritual formation all require personal relationships and real life ministry experience. This kind of growth and training cannot take place solely in the classroom or over the Internet. We believe the primary means by which this will be accomplished is in the context of the local church.

Thus every student enrolled at Eternity is required to have a Local Church Mentor. This Mentor is part of our commitment to partner with the local church, and ensure that the education received at Eternity is more than academic. The Mentor will ensure that insights and truths learned in the classroom will be applied in real life and church settings.

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Students are responsible for filling out a Mentor Contact form every semester. Press the button below to submit info for the Fall 2023 semester: