Bachelor of Biblical Studies

For students who already have a Bachelor or Associates degree

An In-Depth, Focused Bible Degree

Our Bachelor of Biblical Studies is for those who already possess at least a two-year degree. With this degree, you will gain a thorough understanding of God’s Word and how to apply biblical truth to everyday life, ministry, and vocation. This degree is ideal for those pursuing vocational ministry, missions, and Christian education. Whether ministry is your full-time job or something you do as a volunteer, this degree will equip you to fulfill your calling.



Fully Online

What will you learn?

  • Develop proper Bible study methods and gain a solid foundation for understanding both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Integrate your faith into your career.

Career Options:

  • Pastor, Church Planter or Missionary
  • Christian education

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Tuition Breakdown

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Course Listing

Courses marked with * must be taken at Eternity

Course NameCredit Hours
GPGS121 Transfer: English Composition3
GPGS131 Transfer: Biology or Physical Science3
GPGS141 Transfer: Political Science, Economics, Government, or Cultural Anthropology3
GPGS221 Transfer: Psychology or Sociology3
GPGS231 Transfer: Philosophy3
GPGS241 Transfer: Logic, English Literature, History or Language3
ENGL102 Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking*3
HIST121 Gospel and Culture 1*3
HIST122 Gospel and Culture 2*3
THEO201 Worldview & Culture*3

All biblical studies courses are offered online through Eternity Bible College.

Course NameCredit Hours
BIBL 101 Bible Study Methods3
BIBL 102 Old Testament Overview 13
BIBL 103 Old Testament Overview 23
BIBL 104 New Testament Overview3
DISC 101 Applied Theology: Discipleship & Counseling2
THEO 202 Applied Theology: Spiritual Formation3
THEO 316 Applied Theology: Work and Vocation3
BIBL 201 Hebrew Bible 1A: Exegesis and Application of the Torah4
BIBL 202 Hebrew Bible 1B: Exegesis and Application of the Former Prophets3
BIBL 204 Hebrew Bible 2A: Exegesis and Application of the Latter Prophets 23
BIBL 205 Hebrew Bible 2B: Exegesis and Application of the Writings4
HIST 101 Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds of the Hebrew Bible2
HIST 301 Jewish and Greco-Roman Backgrounds of the New Testament2
Selected Advanced NT Courses12
Cross cultural requirement0

Up to 42 credits from your previous degree will be transferred into this degree program.