Board of Trustees

Eternity Bible College is governed by a Board of Trustees, which has 6 voting members. The term of office for all members except ex-officio members is three (3) years. Although members may succeed themselves, their total term of uninterrupted service is limited to six (6) years. The Board is responsible to govern the institution. They accomplish this governance by setting broad policies and objectives, clarifying the mission and values, and hiring an appropriate CEO/President to whom they delegate responsibility for achieving the mission within the policy parameters.

T. Daniel Lovejoy, CPA Treasurer
Director of Finance, Premier Interior Development
Del Owyoung
Associate Director of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies (Retired)
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM
Robert Gapper
Director of Global Outreach, Encounter Church
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services (Retired)
Paul Barker
President, The Afterburner Group


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Dispatches from Eternity

Even though I grew up in a Christian environment, studying the word of God intensely under the godly leadership and guidance of my professors has truly transformed my thinking and lifestyle. God used Eternity to absolutely transform the way I view Him, the Church, the Gospel, the Kingdom, and the Mission… The focus was always on action rather than knowledge. Through the mentorships and strong friendships that God provided I have fallen more in love with our King! 

Hannah Mannale, Graduate