Breaking Financial Barriers

By Ernesto Duke, President of Eternity Bible College

Together we have the opportunity to make Eternity’s education available to truly anyone who desires and we need your help.

By the end of this year we are looking to raise $60,000 to help support our final steps to receive Title IV funding. In short, Title IV* will allow us to not only ease the financial burden of our current students, but truly expand the accessibility of Eternity to virtually anyone who desires to study with us. Title IV will, without a doubt, help us better fulfill our mission (for more, check our Title IV Info Page).

I had the chance to get in front of a camera and put into words what your donation would mean to us and how it would affect our mission. Please take a few minutes to hear our heart and check out the video below:

Over the years as I’ve been around different non-profits I’ve participated in a number of Giving Tuesdays. To be honest, at times they have simply felt like a way for an organization to get additional donations at the end of the year rather than something that was truly going to move the mission of the organization forward.

I’m proud to say that this Giving Tuesday here at Eternity, your support and participation is directly related to advancing our mission. We believe that God is calling us in this direction, but we cannot do it without you, join us.

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