Invisible Alumni

By Ernesto Duke, Director of Partnerships

As the year winds down I’ve been sharing about the incredible alumni we’ve been blessed with at Eternity. This time I want to draw your attention to our “invisible alumni.”

Since we started, Eternity has helped train and send out over 100 cross-cultural missionaries. They’ve served all around the world: from Latin America, to Eastern Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia. From North Africa to the Ivory Coast, across to the horn of Africa and down to the Cape. They’ve ministered on tiny islands, remote jungles, and major metropolitan cities –one of our alumni travels around North Africa with a nomadic people group.

However, due to concerns over safety and security, many of these missionaries are “invisible” to the rest of us. They fly under the radar unnoticed, quietly and humbly serving King Jesus in places that aren’t so welcoming to gospel work.

Powerful Stories that Must Go Untold

I wish we could share these stories! I’ve had the privilege over the last 10 years of hearing accounts of God transforming entire tribes, households, and individuals. I’ve heard stories of Jesus appearing to people in dreams. I’ve heard stories of miraculous physical and spiritual healings. I’ve heard stories where unsupportive local governments have shown immense favor toward missionaries with no human explanation. If we were face to face you could get some of these stories out of me, but unfortunately we can’t risk sharing too much online.

The great news is that more stories are coming! We have current students taking classes while already serving on the mission field, and even more who are preparing to mobilize in the future. We’ve also teamed up with incredible organizations like Africa Inland Mission to help train the next generation to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Freedom to Follow God Wherever He Leads

Thanks to donors and partners like you, we’ve been able to train these missionaries without saddling them with debt. It’s a little known fact that educational debt is one of the biggest challenges for gospel advancement in the missions world. You can have a desire to go and a great biblical education, but if you have $60,000 in student loans you won’t be sent into the field anytime soon.

This year we are hoping to raise $70,000 to help us train the next generation of “invisible alumni.” This is a big number but we serve a big God. Whether you contribute $10, $20, $50 or $5,000, your contribution will help us lower the barrier to training so the next generation of missionaries is free to follow God wherever He leads! If you feel moved to give, you can do so now on our secure giving page.

Help us train the next generation for Kingdom impact!