Student Life at Eternity

We believe in a holistic model of education. Our desire is to go beyond the simple transmission of facts and train the whole person. Much instruction takes place within the classroom, but each student’s training includes his or her involvement in the life and ministry of a local church, relationships with other students, relationships with the Eternity staff and faculty, and interaction with the surrounding culture. What we teach in the classroom is learned in the context of relationships, church life, and engagement with culture.

Students are required to participate in and contribute to the life of a local church. Each student must serve at least four hours per week in some type of church ministry. In addition to this, student life at Eternity is designed to push students deeper into church involvement. Rather than functioning as a substitute for the local church, our desire is to partner with the local church in training and encouraging students to function properly within the body of Christ—not just after college, but as a vital part of their student life while at Eternity.

Student life events are designed to promote the type of relationships that support a holistic learning environment. We place students with faculty in real-life situations so that the same professors who shape their theology can also mold their character. We give students the opportunity to observe and interact with other students and faculty outside of the classroom because learning must happen in the context of community. This incarnational model of education serves as a catalyst for student involvement in their local churches.

While students share in community with their local churches, with their classmates, and with the faculty and staff, students are also placed in environments where they interact with the surrounding culture on a daily basis. All of our students live off campus. This places students in the midst of a neighborhood and culture that they must engage. Engagement of culture is essential in training students for ministry.

Student Life Goals & Objectives

I’m learning to love people better, not only through the things I’m learning in my classes, but through the amazing community of students and teachers who model it for me.

Nate Nolt, Current Student