Auditing at Eternity

It’s not about earning degrees, it’s about making disciples

Audit a class at Eternity and you’ll get all the benefits of an in-depth Bible education, without the time commitment required to pursue a degree. You’re welcome to participate fully in each class, and you can do as much coursework as your schedule allows. Auditors receive full access to all class video lectures, zoom meetings, assignments, and course materials. You can purchase books for online classes here.

Learn about the Bible

Scheduled courses include surveys of the Old & New Testaments, Bible Study Methods, and in-depth classes on books of the Bible

Disciple more effectively

Take an intro course in Discipleship Counseling, or jump into our advanced classes and seminars on specific counseling issues

Reach the world

Classes like Theology of Work, Gospel & Culture, and Christianity & the Arts will help you connect the Gospel to all aspects of life.

Self-Paced Classes

Work at your own pace. Start whenever you want.

Bible Study Methods

Old Testament Overview, Part 1
(Genesis – 2 Kings)

Old Testament Overview, Part 2
(Job – Malachi)

New Testament Overview


Paul’s Prison Epistles

Summer 2023 Online Courses

The Summer Semester begins June 4, 2023 and ends July 29.

Bible Study Methods

Old Testament Overview, Part 2
(Job – Malachi)

Old Testament Backgrounds

New Testament Survey

Introduction to Discipleship Counseling

Paul’s Missionary Epistles, Part 2
Thessalonians & Corinthians

Johannine Literature

Missional Church

Fall 2023 Online Courses

The Fall Semester begins August 27 and ends December 16.

Bible Study Methods

Old Testament Overview 1
(Genesis – 2 Kings)

Exegesis and Application of Luke / Acts

Exegesis and Application of Matthew / Mark

Exegesis and Application of Paul’s Missionary Epistles Part 2

Exegesis and Application of Johannine Literature

Applied Theology: Discipleship & Counseling

Advanced Counseling Issues

Theology of Christian Missions

Jewish and Greco-Roman Backgrounds of the New Testament

Applied Theology: Work & Vocation

Applied Theology: Spiritual Formation

Missional Church

Gospel & Culture

Worldview & Apologetics

I’m learning to love people better, not only through the things I’m learning in my classes, but through the amazing community of students and teachers who model it for me.

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