Outcomes and Assessment

Program Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Each program has a specific set of Learning Objectives (intended results). For each Learning Objective there is one ore more means of assessment to specific benchmarks. The result of that assessment in aggregate provides a measure of Learning Outcomes (demonstrated results). This PDF provides the learning objectives, assessment means, and outcomes for all of Eternity’s programs.

Improvement Plans

A summary of our current improvement plans include:

  1. Update alumni data – Summer 2024
  2. Update Retention and Graduation Rates – June 2024

You can find additional information about the school on the “School Stats & Graduate Reports” page as well.

I signed up for an education, what I received was so much more. I was mentored and discipled by fellow students and staff who had been transformed by God’s incredible love and lived every aspect of their lives as a response to that love. The more I learned to study God’s Word, the more I grew in my relationship with Jesus. And the more I learned about God’s love for the world, the more I felt called to take up my part in making this great love known.

Jenn, Missionary in the Middle East & Europe