Outcomes and Assessment

Program Learning Outcomes

Each program has a specific set of learning outcomes which are assessed as a student proceeds through the curriculum. The learning outcomes for each program are listed below (click a program to expand the section) :


Eternity has several layers of assessing how well students are meeting their programmatic learning outcomes. These include grades and other feedback from specific courses, summative project assessments, and feedback from student mentors.

Here is a summary of changes that have been made as a result of previous assessment:

  1. All students are now placed into an English remediation course unless they test out by demonstrating requisite research skills or having a Bachelors degree or higher already. 
  2. The capstone project was re-designed.  Additional preparatory assignments were included, formal data gathering instructions were provided, a detailed rubric was established, webinar class meetings to better prepare DE students, split final presentation into 2 parts.
  3. The faculty determined that based upon assessment a summative project was needed for the Foundations curriculum to better prepare for Senior Project and serve as an appropriate entry level summative project. 
  4. Additional intensive courses were offered as electives to bolster specific learning objectives.
  5. The Bachelor’s curriculum map was adjusted and as a result Wisdom Literature was integrated into the  Writings  Module and with the 2 units of coursework available  “Theory and Method of Theology” was added. 
  6. The Biblical Theology of the Old Testament course was redesigned in order to better achieve learning outcomes. 
  7. The Hebrew Bible Module was completely refreshed and redesigned.
  8. The Foundations curriculum has been revised in order to achieve intended outcomes pertaining to General Education from a biblical worldview. 
  9. Distance education instituted an attendance/participation policy to ensure all students are engaged. 

I signed up for an education, what I received was so much more. I was mentored and discipled by fellow students and staff who had been transformed by God’s incredible love and lived every aspect of their lives as a response to that love. The more I learned to study God’s Word, the more I grew in my relationship with Jesus. And the more I learned about God’s love for the world, the more I felt called to take up my part in making this great love known.

Jenn, Missionary in the Middle East & Europe