School Stats & Graduate Reports

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School Stats

Location: Office in Simi Valley, CA

History: Founded in 2004

Religious Affiliation: Nondenominational

Degrees: Bachelors, Associates, and Certificates.

Programs of Study: Biblical and Cultural Exegesis, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, Discipleship and Counseling, Transformational Leadership, Youth Ministry, and Global Ministry

Courses Available Online: 100%

Tuition: $275/credit ($125 for non-academic credit)

Enrollment: 125

Faculty: 4 full-time, 24 adjunct

Online Average Class Size: 13

Student to Faculty Ratio: 5:1


  • Indiana Wesleyan University – Dual Degree Option for students at Eternity.
  • Africa Inland Mission – Assist in assessing and training candidates.
  • Global Frontier Missions: Transfer agreement for Certificates and Bachelor Degree
  • Atascadero Bible Church: Student learning cohorts for online students
  • AWKNG School of Theology – Provide credit and academic development options for students in their courses.

School Report

I. Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rate:

Retention Rates

Retention Rate is defined as the percentage of first year students who returned the following fall. If a student graduated in a year, they are removed from the rate. From Fall 2015 to Fall 2021, 1 year retention rates across all programs was 44%. In the same period, the retention rate by program was:

  • 1 Year Programs: 44%
  • 2 Year Programs: 43%
  • 4 Year Programs: 44%

Graduation Rates as of Spring 2022

Note: some students change programs from a shorter to a longer program. When that happens they do not count in the longer program’s graduation rate because they weren’t starting as true freshmen. And they count against the shorter program’s graduation rate because while they may finish the requirements, they often do not graduate. 

Many of Eternity’s students are part time, so they often take longer to finish programs so graduation rates for a longer period are also included for reference.

1 Year Programs (Data begins Fall 2015):

  • Graduated within 2 years: 9%
  • Graduated within 3 years: 13%

2 Year Programs (Data begins Fall 2015):

  • Graduated within 3 years: 10%
  • Graduated within 6 years: 14%

4 Year Programs (Data begins Fall 2013):

  • Graduated within 6 years: 8%
  • Graduated within 8 years: 11%

II. Graduate Education & Employment Stats 

From a 2022 self-reported survey with 61 respondents.

Highest level of education completed:

  • Certification / Technical Training: 3
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 22
  • Masters Degree: 13
  • PhD:  2

Schools attended after Eternity Bible College:

  • Alder Graduate School of Education
  • Antioch College
  • Azusa Pacific University
  • Biola University
  • Boise State University
  • California Lutheran University
  • Columbia International University
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Duke University 
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Knox Seminary
  • Luther Rice College and Seminary
  • Nashotah House
  • National University
  • Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Sioux Falls Seminary
  • Southern Seminary
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • University of Missouri 
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Southern California
  • Western Seminary

62% of respondents are working in the ministry, non-profit, or educational sector:

  • 37.9% church ministry
  • 13.8% non-profit
  • 10.3% education

100% of respondents are actively supporting their local community/environment

  • 96.5% are actively serving their local church.

I signed up for an education, what I received was so much more. I was mentored and discipled by fellow students and staff who had been transformed by God’s incredible love and lived every aspect of their lives as a response to that love. The more I learned to study God’s Word, the more I grew in my relationship with Jesus. And the more I learned about God’s love for the world, the more I felt called to take up my part in making this great love known.

Jenn, Missionary in the Middle East & Europe