General Education Requirements

Students admitted into our associate or bachelor degree programs are required to complete General Education (GE) requirements from another institution in addition to the GE credits taken in our program. Depending on which degree the student is admitted into will determine which, and how many, GE credits are required. Please see the curriculum chart for more information: Academic Program Requirements.

Our students have two options for completing their GE requirements:

  • Another college/university. Eternity students routinely take the GE courses at another college or university. Once the student completes his/her course, an official transcript will need to be emailed to Eternity’s Registrar, who will then transfer the credit accordingly. Please note that, if you go this route, it’s wise to check with the Registrar before you enroll in a class at another institution. This will ensure that the class you take will, in fact, meet the GE requirements.
  • Straighterline. Eternity partners with Straighterline, an educational organization that helps college/university students meet their GE requirements. Students from Eternity can take courses at Straighterline, which upon completion, will count for GE credit. Our articulation agreement allows for students to meet all of their GE requirements via Straighterline’s educational platform. For more information, please visit this webpage. You may also reach out to the Registrar.

For all enquiries regarding GE requirements, please contact the Registrar at:

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