Self-Paced Classes at Eternity2022-07-19T18:37:05-07:00

Self-Paced Courses

Bible Training On Your Own Schedule

No More Due Dates

We’re pleased to offer self-paced options for some of our most essential distance education courses. Start a class whenever you want, and complete your coursework at your own pace without weekly deadlines or due dates. Whether you buckle down and finish in 3 weeks, or spread the work out over a year, you’ll get a high quality education on your schedule. 

Self-Paced Options

You can start your class while completing our application! Or sign up as an auditor using this form.

Bible Study Methods

Old Testament Overview, Part 1
(Genesis – 2 Kings)

Old Testament Overview, Part 2
(Job – Malachi)

New Testament Overview


Paul’s Prison Epistles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete my entire degree program in self-paced courses.2021-10-22T00:11:44-07:00

For now, self-paced options are only being offered for select first year courses. 

How do I receive a grade?2021-10-22T00:15:21-07:00

Just like in your regular DE courses through Eternity, when you complete the coursework your professor will assign you a grade and it will appear in Populi. 

What is the cost? Are there additional fees for the self-paced courses?2023-01-09T22:49:59-08:00

Our self-paced courses are offered for the same low price as our traditional courses! There’s no mark up or convenience fees. 

Is there a professor or am I on my own?2021-10-22T00:08:07-07:00

Each course is overseen by a certified, Eternity Instructor. They are available for you to ask questions, schedule calls, and will grade assignments as they’re submitted. 

What are the main differences between Eternity’s DE courses and a self-paced course?2021-10-22T00:06:19-07:00

There are 2 ways that self-paced courses are different: 1) There are no due dates for lessons / assignments. You will work through each lesson as quickly or as slowly as you choose. 2) You’ll be working independently with a professor and won’t be grouped together with other students for discussion posts or group assignments

How long do the courses typically take to complete?2021-10-22T00:05:41-07:00

A general rule of thumb is 2-3 hours of work, per credit hour, per lesson. So a 15-lesson, 3-unit course is going to take you about 7.5 hours per lesson or around 112 hours total. This can be done as quickly or as slowly as you’d like to complete it. 

How long do I have to finish the course?2021-10-22T00:05:09-07:00

Your initial enrollment in the course is for 12-months from the enrollment date. After that, you will have to pay an additional $100 continuation fee.