Tuition & Fees

Affordable Bible Training that’s actually affordable

Eternity is committed to offering in-depth Bible training at a low cost to students. We do this by minimizing our overhead and then setting tuition at a level lower than our actual cost, depending on donors to partner with us to cover the difference. Our current tuition is set at $275 per credit hour. We believe that this price enables most students to remain involved in local ministry, pay for other financial responsibilities, and cover the cost of tuition.

How do we do it?…. Simplicity.

You wont find state-of-the-art cafeterias or fancy buildings at Eternity. That stuff is expensive and we’d rather not pass the cost onto students. We put the financial well-being of our students first by cutting the excess, and focusing on what matters: in depth Bible teaching. 

Cost Breakdown

Tuition (per credit hour) $275
Books (estimate)$30-$50
Application Fee$10
Late Registration Fee$50
Registration Fee$100
Technology Fee (One-time)$100
Official Transcript$7
Returned Check Fee$25
Replacement of Lost Student ID$10
Graduation Fee$80


Request Information

Example Budgets

We have free Financial Counseling and Time Management Counseling available to all current and prospective students of Eternity Bible College. If you would like more information about this service or would like to schedule an appointment with our financial counselor/time management counselor, please send an email to Ernesto Duke.

While situations vary greatly, we believe sticking to a budget will help most students graduate without debt.

Not only did I learn how to study the Bible, but I also learned how to teach it to others. I was able to stay plugged in at my home church and apply everything I was learning in class. And surprisingly, I was able to graduate debt free, ready to follow God wherever he would send me!

Kathryn, Missionary in Southeast Asia