Ministry Requirement

Each student is required to be involved in at least 4 hours of ministry per week (60 hours per semester). This ministry needs to be in conjunction with your local church and is designed to provide a practical, hands on outlet for those things being learned in the classroom. This requirement is non-academic and non-credit but required for graduation, and reflects Eternity’s commitment to the local church and real world ministry. Students must report their ministry involvement at registration each semester.

Ministry Involvement Elective – PMIN101/102

In addition to the required 4 hours per week of ministry, a student may choose to do additional ministry for credit. This could be viewed as an internship in their local church. This elective requires an additional 8 hours per week of ministry under the supervision of the student’s local church, as well as other requirements spelled out in the Class Syllabus. Students will need to submit the Proposal Form at the beginning of the semester, and Students and Ministry Supervisors will need to submit the appropriate Evaluation Form when the elective is completed. This elective may be taken a maximum of two times for a total of 4 elective credits.

Documents and Forms:


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We are encouraged to use the knowledge we gain to impact our communities. I also love that we’re pushed to serve the people around us through active involvement in our local churches. 

Ryan Breland, Youth Pastor