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Self-Paced Greek & Hebrew Courses

Eternity Bible College is now pleased to offer Greek and Hebrew as self-paced courses. Complete with videos, quizzes, tests, computer software, handouts, other materials, and an online classroom, students are now able to go through the material as fast or as slow as they would like with direction and input from a professor. This allows students to take the class in a way that best suits their own personal learning style. Take this opportunity to put in the hard work necessary to read the Bible in the way God wrote it, being more discerning in what He was seeking to communicate.

Start a Subscription

To sign up for Hebrew Grammar 1, Hebrew Grammar 2, Greek Grammar 1, or Greek Grammar 2, follow the link below. You will be taken to a secure page where you can sign up for a course subscription fee of $100 per month. Once your payment is received, you will hear back from your professor within one business day with instructions on how to begin your coursework.

Take Final Exam

When you are ready to take your final exam, follow the link below. You will be taken to a secure page where you can pay your $100 exam fee. Once your payment is received, you will hear back from your professor within one business day with instructions on how to take your exam. Keep in mind that you will need to pay $100 for each exam attempt.

Commonly Asked Questions

How does the course work?2017-08-24T07:30:15-07:00

The normal way of taking the course is to walk through the lesson plans and quizzes that have been laid out so that the student can watch a video, study the material, and then quiz themselves for each lesson online. There are also a couple of other tests at appropriate places in the lessons so that the student can get feedback from the professor as to how they are doing along the way. While our language classes are designed similarly to an online class in that students can do everything from home, these classes have also been designed as a “hybrid” course, in that the professor will have office hours when tutoring and other lectures will be made available as supplemental (but not required) to the online material. Each semester the professor will make his office schedule available and students can contact the professor to work out times to discuss the course content and their progress. All students including those studying at a distance are free to interact with the professor via phone, email, or an online forum.

When is the course done?2017-08-24T07:31:15-07:00

Completion of the course is determined solely by a final exam which tests the competency of the student in the appropriate subject matter for 1st or 2nd semester Greek/Hebrew. Once the student has enrolled in the class, the student is able to take the final whenever he or she desires. If the student fails the final exam, the student may take a new final exam once they believe they’ve developed the appropriate competency. The class will show up on a student’s transcript once they pass the final exam.

[Note: This course is self-paced, so it will not affect your Full-Time/Part-Time status.]

How much do the courses cost?2017-08-24T07:31:56-07:00

This course is offered on a subscription basis. Access to the online materials and software is $100 per month (Class Subscription Fee). When you sign up, you will be charged each month until you finish the course by passing the final exam. You may also choose to withdraw from the course at any time by emailing Each month is payable in advance and non-refundable (so if you decide to drop the course fifteen days in, you can cancel payment for the following month, but you will not receive a refund for the remainder of the current month). The other course cost is $100 for each final exam attempt (Final Assessment Fee). If the student fails the final and wishes to take a new final exam, he or she must pay the final assessment fee again.

Can I audit the classes?2017-08-24T07:32:54-07:00

In this case, auditing is no different from a normal subscription. The only difference is that an auditor would choose not to take the final exam. Because of this distinction, auditors will pay the same $100 per month subscription, but they can choose not to pay to take the final exam.

Do I have to apply to Eternity?2017-08-24T07:33:58-07:00

If you are not a current student at Eternity, there is no need to fill out a complete application to take only language courses. You will be admitted to the school with “Special Student” status which enables you to take up to 12 credits without completing an application. If you are planning to take more than 12 credits at Eternity, then you will need to begin the application process here.