Cross-Cultural Ministry

Every student receiving a Bachelor’s degree, Associate degree, or 2 year Certificate in Biblical Studies from Eternity Bible College is required to participate in a cross-cultural ministry experience before they may officially receive their degree or certificate. The cross-cultural ministry requirement may be fulfilled either domestically or internationally but must be in the context of a culture that is different from that with which the student is generally accustomed.

Requirements for Cross-Cultural Opportunities

  • Must be directly involved with a theologically like minded local church
  • Must be gospel and local church oriented (not simply humanitarian)
  • Must be part of the student’s home church outreach, or at least with the knowledge, support, and backing of the student’s home church.
  • Duration must be at least one consecutive week (seven days excluding travel time)
  • Must occur while you are a registered student at Eternity, and during vacation time (Winter, Summer, Spring Break)
  • Trips will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

To receive credit for a trip you must submit the cross-cultural ministry proposal form to the Dean of Students for approval prior to your trip.

Download the cross-cultural ministry proposal form here.

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