Written communication is an important part of the curriculum at Eternity. The writing process contributes to your personal welfare by inviting you to slow down and think deeply and critically about your subject. By doing this critical thinking you are building pathways between your community and the larger society around you. Written communication is one way that we can engage with others in a respectful and meaningful way. 

For these reasons mentioned above,

All incoming students are required to acquire and practice skills in written communication by taking the Entry Level Writing Workshop course – OR – to demonstrate their skills in writing by taking and passing the Entry Level Writing Examination. 

Entry Level Writing Workshop: 

The Entry Level Writing Workshop Course is a semester-long, predominantly self-paced course with real time access to the instructor. The course includes modules that cover basic instruction on the writing process, and helps you develop skills in evaluating and synthesizing outside sources to develop an essay. 

The course prepares you to express your ideas effectively in writing and incorporate research. You will learn how to format an academic paper using source citation according to the Chicago Manual of Style. The course also covers the most common grammar, punctuation, and mechanics errors to ensure that your writing is clear and effective. 

Entry Level Writing Examination: 

The Entry Level Writing Examination is an option for those students who believe that they already possess these skills: 

These skills include being able to evaluate and synthesize sources and ideas; demonstrate success with the writing process by delivering a well developed essay with a thesis statement that ties together an introduction, body, and conclusion; respects the rules for source citation outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style; and aptly handles grammar and style rules for complex sentences while clearly conveying their ideas.

The exam consists of TWO PARTS:

The FIRST part of the exam requires you to write a 1200 word essay with an introduction (with thesis), a conclusion, and evidence of research that incorporates citations and a bibliography. You are required to use a minimum of  three (3) sources other than scripture.

The following rubric will be used to assess the essay: https://eternity.libguides.com/writing-tutorials/rubric
You may submit an essay that you have written previously and/or for another course – as long as it passes the minimum requirements as outlined in the rubric, otherwise you will be writing an essay on a topic of your choice.

The SECOND part of the exam is a short 40 multiple-choice-question quiz that covers various grammar topics that are common errors in freshman level writing.

Grammar and Mechanics

Choosing a Topic

How the Exam will be Graded

Eternity Writing Style Guide

Eternity Library Website

Popular, Genre-based Websites and Blogs

Example Student Essay (with comments)

Writing Lessons and Tutorials


Q: What is the price of the Exam?

Q: How do I enroll in the Writing Workshop or indicate that I would like to take the exam?
A: You should be in touch with your advisor when it comes time to register. If you opt to take the workshop course then you can communicate this to your advisor. An email will be sent out to students at the beginning of each semester inviting them to consider their options. Students who are interested in the exam option will be in touch with Rebecca Richie richier@eternity.edu about this process.

Q: How is the Exam administered?
A: Part 1 of the exam (Grammar) is a multiple choice quiz that is conducted online through a google form.  Part 2 of the exam (Essay) will be a file upload. The necessary links for both parts of the exam will be shared with students who choose the exam route. Academic honesty is expected.

Q: When do I take the Class or the Exam? When is this Due?
A: Students must complete the Workshop OR the Exam by the end of their second semester at Eternity. For Summer and Fall entry, your due date is May 15 of the Spring Semester. For Spring entry, your due date is December 1 of the Fall Semester.

Q: Who do I contact for more information?
A: Director of Student Resources, Rebecca Richie: rrichie@eternity.edu