What Happens When….

What Happens When… A Church is the Center of Learning?

By Josh Walker, Academic Dean of Eternity Bible College 

These days churches basically have two options for raising up future leaders, both with a significant compromise.They either train leaders in the church, providing excellent practical experience while struggling to provide biblical training, or they send leaders away to college to receive Bible training that often lacks the hands-on experience so essential to leadership development. 

At Eternity, we’re working to give churches a third option. One that combines the best of both approaches by making the church the center of learning. 

We’ve partnered with Westside: A Jesus Church in Portland, and Atascadero Bible Church to develop integrated apprenticeship programs that add bible training from Eternity to the hands-on ministry training offered by both churches. In order to accommodate their unique goals, we worked with leaders from each church to design custom educational plans that complement the amazing work they’re doing without imposing a one-size-fits-all solution. 

As a result, these churches are producing well-rounded leaders like never before. Leaders with years of hands-on experience to go along with their college degrees. Leaders who are home-grown and deeply known by the shepherds facilitating their education. Leaders who are making an impact in their community because they stayed to serve their community rather than moving away for Bible training. 

Amazing things happen when the local church is the center of learning! We hope to offer this option to more churches in the coming years. To inquire, send us an email. You can also learn more about our program with Westside: A Jesus Church here.  

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