What Happens When….

What Happens When… You Deliver Content Differently?

By Spencer MacCuish, President of Eternity Bible College 

I recently shared about the shift taking place in higher education as more students are looking for educational opportunities outside of the traditional college model. This means that colleges and universities need to adjust to a future where school is not the primary center of learning for all students. 

For Eternity, this shift is exciting because we’ve never seen our school as the primary center of biblical education for our students; that role belongs to the church. Our goal is to help the church make disciples by developing educational programs to support the church in her unique calling. 

Which is why I’m particularly excited to announce our partnership with RightNow Media. Over the last few weeks, we’ve released several of our Silo video courses on RightNow, which means tens of thousands of churches and millions of Christians now have access to our educational content.  

We developed these courses because we wanted more people to have access to the kind of in-depth training that used to only be available to those with the time and resources to enroll in Bible college. We recognized all kinds of barriers that keep Christians from pursuing bible training, so we adapted some of our essential classes and made them available online. With RightNow, churches and organizations around the world now have on-demand access to our entire library of Silo courses. 

And this is just the beginning. We’re hard at work producing even more online educational content that we can’t wait to show you. In fact, here’s a little preview of our new Old Testament Survey course that should give you some idea of where we’re heading. We have 4 more classes currently in development, with more coming soon! 

We couldn’t do it without your partnership and generosity, 

Thank you!

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