Restoring Biblical Education

“Restoring Biblical education so that the love God will transform all aspects of society.”

By Spencer MacCuish, President of Eternity Bible College.

Recently, my daughter and I have started taking on little projects, finding discarded items and re-working them into decor. These types of projects have become more and more popular over the last few years, with people trying to restore and “up-cycle” old cars, furniture, and antiques.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about restoring something that was once useful and giving it a second life. Taking something broken, and turning it into something useful and beautiful.

I feel like we’re doing something similar at Eternity: Biblical education is in need of restoration. 

From Broken to Beautiful

Studies show that more and more people view the Bible as outdated or irrelevant. Even amongst Christians, the same studies reveal that what’s being taught isn’t connecting to daily life. There’s a desperate need to challenge the status quo and restore Biblical education into something useful and beautiful. This means biblical education needs to:

  • Focus on transformation, not just information.
  • Be relevant for all areas of life.
  • Be rooted in the Great Commission, and complementary to the local church.
  • Be intentional, producing radical and risk-taking faith.

This is what Eternity is all about. Restoring Biblical education so that the love God will transform all aspects of society. We’ve developed our entire curriculum with that goal in mind, and I’m also excited to share a couple of new initiatives that will help us expand this restoration project globally.

Bible Training with a Global Focus

Recently, we were able to launch a global initiative where students from around the world are charged tuition based on their local economy. So far we’ve helped a handful of students, like a hopeful church-planter in Southeast Asia who is able to receive training for just $5 per credit. We have students from places like Africa, Ecuador, and Argentina in line for next semester. With your help we’ll be able to expand this program and train even more students regardless of where they live!

We’ve also doubled down on our passion for missions by partnering with Africa Inland Mission to develop training programs for their missionary candidates. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re helping create appropriate, customized education plans to help get these candidates into the field.

Become a part of the Restoration Project!

We can’t do any of this without your help! Give today to help us continue to make in-depth Bible training more accessible to students all around the world. Follow the link below, or learn more about how to give here.

Global Impact of Eternity

Our commitment to affordable Bible training means students are free to follow God wherever He leads. Where is God calling you?

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