Meet Mark & Brittany

By Ernesto Duke: President, Executive Team

Friends, I am thrilled to introduce the newest members of our Board of Trustees: Mark Beuving and Brittany Park!

While board members often work behind the scenes, their contribution to Eternity is far from insignificant. They bring their experience, expertise, and unwavering passion to help guide our institution in fulfilling its mission and vision. I am very excited about the next 5+ years at Eternity with some new and exciting plans on the horizon and we can’t imagine taking those steps of faith without Mark and Brittany with us.

Many of you are already familiar with Mark. He dedicated a decade of faithful service to EBC as a professor and Dean of Students and after a brief hiatus he’s joining us now on the Board where he quickly became one of the most beloved staff members EBC has ever had. Since his time staff with us, Mark has been leading Creekside Church in Northern California. His enduring passion for Eternity College, coupled with his extensive background in academia and pastoral leadership, positions him to provide invaluable insights and guidance to our institution. Welcome, Mark!

Brittany, however some of you have yet to get the chance to meet! Brittany is an extraordinary pastor, a devoted wife, and, perhaps most excitingly right now, a new mother! She played a pivotal role in founding Remembrance Church in Southern California in 2012 and continues to faithfully serve there today. Many Church plants in Southern California don’t make it past 5 years, much less 10+. It’s so great to hear the stories of God’s faithfulness to Remembrance Church from Brittany. We first crossed paths with Brittany when she interviewed for a teaching position, but it quickly became clear that she was destined to not only become one of our most cherished faculty members but also had so much more to offer. With her extensive experience in small church ministry within a diverse community, Brittany brings a wealth of pastoral care and knowledge to the board. And trust me, if you ever have the chance to take one of her classes, don’t hesitate – she’s truly amazing.

Mark Beuving

Husband, dad, pastor, bookworm, music geek, author, philosophy nerd and aspiring, semi-pro bass fisherman.*

Brittany Park

Wife, mom, pastor, teacher, professor, secret NT nerd and the 3x world spikeball champion.*

*These descriptions were not approved by Brittany and Mark and may not, in fact not be 100% true. 

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