Meet Josh Buck

By Ernesto Duke, Director of Partnerships

 As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to draw your focus to the amazing work being done by some of our alumni around the world. It’s always great to stop and reflect on the long-term impact that our past and present students are having for the Kingdom of Jesus, so I’m excited to share these stories with you.

I figured we should start at the beginning, so allow me to introduce you to Josh Buck. Josh is a dear friend, co-laborer, and brother of mine. He also has the distinction of being the “first” student to officially sign up for classes at Eternity back in 2004.

Since graduating, Josh has gone on to help plant Antioch City Church in Highland Park, CA. He co-founded Amp Los Angeles, a non-profit that mentors youth through film, photography and art in North East LA. He also co-founded Made for Pax, an organization that creates discipleship resources for the next generation, and somehow he found the time to serve as an Adjunct Professor at EBC for 10yrs. 

He recently received his Ph.D. from Cook School of Intercultural Studies and on Nov. 15th will be releasing his first book, Everyday Activism: Following 7 Practices of Jesus to Create a Just World. I personally provided edits and feedback on the original manuscript and strongly endorse this new work of Josh’s (it will also make a great gift this holiday season).

The impact of alumni like Josh Buck is only possible through supporters and donors like you. As we close out this year, consider helping us fund the training of the next generation of Church planters, non-profit leaders, PhD.’s and authors like our first first student, Josh Buck. 

“It is hard to estimate how much EBC has impacted my life. While at Eternity I learned to love the Bible, embrace the mission of God, and serve the local church. I also read about a radical Jesus who called me to an active faith. The book Everyday Activism is the fruit of thousands of class hours, hundreds of lectures, and countless conversations with students who were looking to follow Jesus in my generation. The book is meant to lead people to Jesus, our everlasting King who has set us on a radical journey towards acts of mercy and justice.” – Josh Buck      

Help us train the next generation for Kingdom impact! 

Everyday Activism

Activism is more than just signing petitions, attending rallies, having the right job, or engaging in political debates. The key to meaningful and impactful Christian activism is to follow Jesus daily. In Everyday Activism, church planter and teacher J.W. Buck unpacks seven radical practices from the life of Jesus—mobilizing ordinary people to do God’s work of justice in the world.

Available November 15, pre-order here.