Introducing Ernesto Duke

By Mark Beuving: Board of Trustees

This is Mark Beuving, one of the newest members of the Board of Trustees. It feels somewhat unusual to introduce Ernesto Duke to the friends and members of Eternity Bible College because he has been an integral part of our community for over a decade. However, as the Board of Trustees, it is our privilege to officially introduce Ernesto Duke as the 4th President of this college. In his new role as President, Ernesto is continuing his longstanding commitment to serving all of us and ardently pursuing our mission.

When Ernesto initially joined the EBC community, he did so as a student. He completed his Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies in 2016, which means Ernesto has experienced every aspect of our unique curriculum that delves into the entire Bible within its original context and equips students with the tools to apply God’s Word in our ever-changing world. As we consider the impact our graduates have had on churches, businesses, and communities worldwide, we take pride in having one of our own alumni leading the school as President.

Following his graduation from Eternity, Ernesto earned his Master’s in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary in Portland, where he was awarded the Hebrew Language and Exegesis Award. His focus on the content and language of the Old Testament has made Ernesto a valuable asset since his return to EBC as an instructor. He has taught all of our Old Testament Module courses, which encompass 18 units for an in-depth exploration of the Old Testament, along with our Old Testament overview courses. For years, Ernesto has served the school by recruiting students nationwide, initiating our international student program, and effectively fulfilling the role of President for the last year alongside Joshua Walker and Matthew Halsted, who together form our Executive Team. Amidst all this, he and his wife, Renae, continue their service at Iglesia Piedra Vivas (Living Stones Church) in Los Angeles.

We’ve shared numerous stories of our students making an impact on the world, and Ernesto’s journey is yet another such story. Ernesto possesses an intimate understanding of our mission and culture, a profound knowledge of Scripture, a proven ability to guide individuals from diverse backgrounds in discovering and benefiting from our programs, and a passion for collaborating with churches and students worldwide. We feel fortunate to have him serving as our President during this critical juncture in Christian higher education. We kindly request your prayers for Ernesto and his family, the school, our current student body, and the ongoing, fruitful pursuit of our mission. We firmly believe that great things lie ahead for Eternity. Throughout our journey, God has consistently brought us incredible students, supporters, and staff. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your contributions in keeping the EBC community vibrant and for aiding us in accomplishing the purpose for which God has placed us on this earth.

The Duke Family

Ernesto, with his wife Renae and two sons.

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