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In 2010, I packed everything in my car and I moved to La Misión de San Miguel, México to be a “missionary” serving at an orphanage. I had no training, no formal education—just a passion to live among and serve kids who found themselves in hard circumstances.

Soon, I learned that I should probably know the Bible if I was going to teach it to people around me, which spurred my journey to find a Bible college. The only problem is that I was a newly married missionary who lived off $300 a month of support. I learned quickly that I couldn’t afford most bible colleges –I couldn’t even afford the application fees!

Then, I found Eternity Bible College. I could tell from the beginning that this school was different. They even waived my application fee because they didn’t want finances to get in the way. I remember the excitement of finding out that I was accepted, but then an immediate dread set in when I realized I still didn’t know how I was going to pay for college.

Thankfully, Eternity had scholarship funds available for students with financial need. In faith, I applied and I was awarded a small scholarship which allowed me to take the next steps toward my education and the rest is history.

Here I am, over 10 years later teaching and serving on the executive team for Eternity. I am fairly confident that without that scholarship assistance in my first couple of semesters, I wouldn’t be in this role and working with this amazing group of students today. I have no clue who donated to that fund, but their generosity changed the entire trajectory of my life.

In this role I’m constantly thinking about how we can best serve and support our students. Over the next year we hope to grow our fund and offer more scholarships to students who need a little extra help. We do everything we possibly can to keep our costs low, and because of that, typical students can afford an education with us. But what about the atypical student? What about the missionary living on support? What about the 20-year-old who helps with their family’s bills? What about someone who’s recently come out of addiction or incarceration? What about the urban pastor who’s already scraping by on a modest salary? We’d like to open the door to these students as well, and anyone else who wants to know God’s word.

Would you consider making a donation to our scholarship fund? Every dollar collected will go to students – not administrative fees or general fund. To give, head to our donation page and select “student scholarships. ”

Thanks for your help in breaking down barriers for students around the world.

Ernesto Duke,
Eternity Bible College

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