Since our first graduation ceremony in May 2006, we have been recording the addresses given by our graduation speakers. We are making these addresses available here because we believe that you will find them challenging and inspiring, and they provide a unique window into what makes Eternity Bible College special. Watch highlights from many of the graduation address in the video “The Story of Eternity as Told at Graduation” or see the full addresses below.



 May 2013 (Josh Grauman)

Josh Grauman challenges our graduates to understand the importance of faith in every area of life.


 May 2012 (Preston Sprinkle)

Preston Sprinkle challenges our graduates to stay humble, to keep thinking, and to keep Jesus at the center of everything they do.


 May 2010 (Nate Foreman)

Nate Foreman teaches our graduates what it means to wait on the Lord, to appreciate the process, and to trust in his strength.


 December 2009 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan warns our graduates about the danger of being familiar with biblical truth but not truly receiving it and being transformed by it.


 May 2009 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan challenges our graduates not to let their boldness subside as their education increases, but instead to grow in boldness and passion.


 December 2008 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan challenges our graduates to not make speakers and gifted preachers their role models, but instead to look up to and emulate those who are putting the truth of Scripture into practice.


 May 2008 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan challenges our graduates to be doers of the word and not hearers only.


 December 2007 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan challenges our graduates to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit rather than trusting their own knowledge and skills.


 May 2007 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan tells our graduates that the knowledge of the Bible they have received is a powerful tool to be used for the kingdom of God, but it can also be extremely dangerous.


 December 2006 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan reminds our graduates of the importance of loving God and loving people, rather than getting caught up in dead religion and lifeless ministry responsibilities.


 May 2006 (Francis Chan)

Francis Chan speaks to our first four graduates, reminding them that they have been entrusted with biblical training, and they therefore have a responsibility to use what has been entrusted to them for God’s glory. He also reminds them that they can do nothing apart from Christ.