How does the course work?

The normal way of taking the course is to walk through the lesson plans and quizzes that have been laid out so

How does the course work?2017-08-24T07:30:15-07:00

When is the course done?

Completion of the course is determined solely by a final exam which tests the competency of the student in the appropriate subject

When is the course done?2017-08-24T07:31:15-07:00

How much do the courses cost?

This course is offered on a subscription basis. Access to the online materials and software is $100 per month (Class Subscription Fee).

How much do the courses cost?2017-08-24T07:31:56-07:00

Can I audit the classes?

In this case, auditing is no different from a normal subscription. The only difference is that an auditor would choose not to

Can I audit the classes?2017-08-24T07:32:54-07:00