Is there an age limit?

The program is designed for adult, higher education, learning and development. While there are some people who are ready to take college

Is there an age limit?2019-06-11T22:06:46-07:00

Can I attend part-time?

We are happy to explore the possibility of completing the program part-time. This could suit students who cannot spare the time to

Can I attend part-time?2019-06-11T22:03:04-07:00

Where are the classes located?

Our classrooms and offices are located at Westside: A Jesus Church in Portland, Oregon. 10500 SW Nimbus Ave. Bldg. T Portland, OR

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Is Housing Included?

Housing is not provided in the cost of the program. If you are outside the Portland area and would like help finding

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Is this program accredited?

Eternity Bible College is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation to grant certificates and degrees at the

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