By Josh Walker, Academic Dean

After much consideration, we made the difficult decision to cancel on-campus courses in Simi Valley for the Fall 2020 Semester.

While much can change in the next couple months, we felt it was best to make this decision now in order to give our students as much time as possible to prepare –especially those students who are trying to arrange housing.

The reality is, even if we do everything right and have the campus prepared to the best of our ability for the fall semester, there is still a good chance that it would be shut down due to state/county restrictions or other things out of our control. Even in the best case scenario for the fall our campus would’ve looked very different – everyone in masks and practicing physical distancing, no student lounge, library by appointment only, no student life events, etc. Based on these factors we decided the best course was to cancel the Simi campus classes for the fall and hope that we can reopen the campus in the spring.

If you are in a Simi Valley course, you will be automatically moved to the online course equivalent. If you would rather not take the course than be moved online, you can email our registrar to be removed.

If you are registered for the Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes intensive or the 1 unit Galatians course to accompany it, those are currently on hold. We are investigating whether we can offer the course either at a different time or using video conferencing. We will be in touch with you as we work out those logistics.

Finally, we have continued to be so grateful to God for preparing Eternity to weather this situation as well as we can. We already had all of the tools in place to be completely online because it was part of our mission to make education accessible to people in all sorts of situations and locations. We had no idea that a pandemic was headed our way, but thanks be to God who did know and prepared us. We hope we are able to be conduits of God’s grace and love to you through this trying time.



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