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Hey, everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and update you on some exciting developments with one of our partners, Awakening School of Theology.  If you remember, we recently launched a partnership with this innovative and rapidly growing theology school led by Dr. Michael Heiser. Through his scholarship—along with his popular podcast and YouTube page—he’s gathered a passionate and international group of students who are eager to dive deep into Scripture.

At Eternity, we focus on equipping students through biblical and cultural studies, with a particular emphasis on biblical theology. That’s why if you look through our curriculum, you’ll find 2-3x more “biblical studies” courses than your average undergraduate Bible degree.

But this emphasis does leave some gaps. For example, what about systematic theology and apologetics? Or what about manuscript history and textual criticism? While we don’t ignore these areas completely, the in-depth study that these fields deserve fall outside the scope of our curriculum.

That’s where partners like Awakening School of Theology come in. Dr. Heiser and the team at Awakening are experts in these fields and have already developed a library of courses that go in-depth on these pressing conversations. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our partnership to four certificate programs:

There aren’t a lot of options out there that give undergraduates such a broad mix of biblical studies, theology, apologetics, and manuscript studies – these certificates are truly unique.

Help us spread the word! And if you’re interested, you can always sign up for these programs yourself!

Ernesto Duke
Director of Partnerships

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