Referral Program2021-11-02T11:23:01-07:00

Student Referral Program

Advance the Kingdom and Save Big

Did you know that Eternity has a student referral program? Here’s how it works: if you refer a student to Eternity and they end up becoming a for-credit student, once they finish their first semester you will get 2 free credit hours applied to your account in Populi. There is no limit on this! If you refer 10 students, you would receive 20 free credits (that’s $5,000 for USA students)! The best part is that you won’t only save money, but you’ll be helping train and equip your friends and family for Kingdom impact! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my credit to another student if I don’t need it?2021-11-02T11:45:46-07:00

Sorry, the referral credit is non-transferable.

How many credits does my recruit need to take?2021-11-02T11:47:38-07:00

In order to claim the referral credit, the person you referred must complete at least 2 credits in their first semester.

Can I claim the referral credit for student I recruited X years ago?2021-11-02T11:36:48-07:00

Unfortunately, we’re not able to go back and adjust student accounts from past years. Since this program has been in place for several years, you would have had to claim the credit back when you initially recruited the student.

Is there a limit to how many referral credits I can recieve?2021-11-02T11:33:02-07:00

No! You can refer as many students as you’d like over your time at Eternity.

Can I convert my referral credit to cash?2021-11-02T11:31:20-07:00

Sorry, no.

When do I get the referral credit?2021-11-02T11:27:41-07:00

After the person you referred finishes their first semester, the credit will be added to your populi account.

Is it okay if I recruit a family member or spouse?2021-11-02T11:21:35-07:00

Yes! Anyone you recruit is fair game — your spouse, your brother, your sister, your grandpappy — anyone! They just have to enroll as a credit student.