Join us online or on campus in Southern California!

Whether you’re interested in a Bachelor’s Degree or one of our 1-2 year programs, Eternity Bible College will train you for Gospel impact without saddling you with debt!

“I love that the heart of the school is to equip people for ministry through education and that they do so much to make it affordable. I can go to school, serve, and work for a non-profit, and still graduate debt free.”

Sheena, Seattle, WA

“Thankfully, my professors didn’t only teach me the Bible, they taught me how to listen and love better. They equipped me with the tools I needed to bring the Good News into all kinds of contexts and to all kinds of people.”

Ryan, Waynesville, SC

Why we do it

Our goal is to bring the love of Jesus to all aspects of society, everywhere around the world. This means that we’re not only committed to in-depth study of God’s Word but also to equipping students with the tools to effectively reach others.

For too long, students have been forced to saddle themselves with massive debt in order to receive this kind of quality Biblical training. They graduate deep in a hole, and have to spend years digging themselves out before they’re free to follow God wherever He leads. We’re committed to removing this obstacle by offering in-depth Bible training at an affordable rate.

Flexible Programs for Everyone

Not everybody needs a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, but a solid Biblical foundation will help you be more effective for the Gospel wherever God has you. That’s why we offer a variety of 1 and 2 year programs designed to help you make an impact whatever your long term goals are!

Where is God Calling You?

Our commitment to graduating students without educational debt means that our graduates are free to follow God wherever He leads. 

Students serving Internationally
Students serving in vocational ministry
Students serving local churches