The following programs were in effect between the Fall 2004 and Spring 2010 semesters.

Certificate of Biblical Studies
This program is designed to be completed in one year of full-time study, although students may take longer if desired. This study consists of most of the core requirements of the Associate of Biblical Studies degree, but without the electives, consisting of 30 total units.

Click here for the Certificate of Biblical Studies curriculum chart.


Associate of Biblical Studies
The Associate of Biblical Studies program is a two year program with a strong core of biblical classes along with various required electives (64 total units; 44 core requirement units and 20 elective units). The Associate program is intended for those students who have not yet obtained an associate degree and do not desire to do so while in the program. This degree will be upgraded to a Bachelor of Biblical Studies if the student at a future date fulfills the general education requirements.

Click here for the Associate of Biblical Studies curriculum chart.


Bachelor of Biblical Studies
The Bachelor of Biblical Studies program is identical to the Associate program but with the addition of general education requirements equivalent to an associate degree (124 total units; 64 Biblical Studies units and 60 General Education or A.A. degree units). General education courses can be taken at a community college or any university of the student’s choosing.

Click here for the Bachelor of Biblical Studies curriculum chart.


Auditing / Personal Enrichment
Classes may be audited / taken for personal enrichment by both non-degree and degree students. However, there is an attendance requirement for official completion the class. Auditing students are not required to take examinations, quizzes, or complete class projects. Auditing students may or may not participate in class discussions at the discretion of the instructor. First priority for registration will be given to students taking a class for credit, and spaces for auditing students will be based upon availability. Not all courses are available for audit.


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