A Work in Progress

By Ernesto Duke: President, Executive Team

As of April 21, I am 34 years old, and even though some of you may still consider me a child, I’m starting to feel the weight of time. But, this got me thinking about time, age, and something much bigger than myself – the Kingdom of God.

A Small Part in a Big Story

In the last few months, Eternity Bible College finalized our transition into a fully online school, reaching students from all corners of the world. The final step was clearing out our classrooms and saying goodbye to our beloved library of over 10,000 books. However, we’re thrilled to report that they’ve found a new home at Pacific Bible College in Southern Oregon, where they’ll continue to inspire and challenge readers for years to come (the lower back pain I still feel from packing books is another reminder of the passing of time).   

As we packed up our library, we stumbled upon a game – “Who can find the oldest book?” The winner was a leather-bound copy of The Complete Works of Thomas Dick, published in 1850. The pages were printed on a single side, and you could feel the impressions that the printer had made on the opposite side of each page. Over a 172-year period, this book has circulated from its original printing house in Cincinnati to who knows how many other locations before it found its way to our little library in Simi Valley. We carefully placed its tattered, leather binding in a box and shipped it off to Oregon, where it will live for who knows how much longer. 

It was a nice reminder that Christians in the USA have been creating and distributing resources to equip the saints long before Eternity got in the game in 2003. This work didn’t begin with us, and it certainly would continue without us, but we’re blessed to be along for the ride these last 2 decades.         

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: It’s all about Jesus

As we moved our operation completely online, we’ve been faced with difficult challenges and questions we’re still trying to answer. While uncertainties still exist, it’s reassuring to know that Jesus has been building his church for a long time.

As you navigate your own journey, whether you’re just starting out or getting ready to pass the baton to someone else, take comfort in the fact that Jesus is at work. We’re all part of a bigger story that extends back to the foundation of the church and even further to the “cloud of witnesses” that came before. The work doesn’t rest on any one person or organization – it rests on the shoulders of King Jesus, who promises to see it through to completion.

So, keep moving forward, friends. We’re in this together, and that is good news.

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