A New Perspective

By Spencer MacCuish, President 

Usually when I communicate with you all, my perspective is from the seat of a founder and one of the leaders of Eternity Bible College. But recently, I’ve gained a new perspective — I’m a parent of a first-year student.

That’s right, my daughter has now jumped in and is joining us in pursuing biblical training and it’s been a surreal experience. Over the years I’ve had plenty of students visit our home and spend time at our dinner table, but this time it’s my daughter. If we’re not delivering on what we’re promising, she won’t mince words or soften her critique because of my position. She’ll make sure I know it.

I must say… As a father, I’m impressed.

I had hoped her professors would be encouraging and challenging. I had hoped for a high level of interaction and engagement. I had hoped the content would be biblically grounded while at the same time addressing the difficult questions my daughter and her friends are asking. And from what I’m hearing, my hopes are being realized.

When I look at my daughter and her friends, I don’t just see Gen-Z kids trying to find their place in a changing world. I see the future of the church. And as leadership is handed off to her generation, I want to make sure they’re prepared for the church that will be. I want their training to be rooted in Biblical truth, but also forward thinking and responsive to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. And, I want to make sure they’re equipped to take the gospel into a world that will look far different than the world that I inherited.

That’s why I’m so thankful for what I’m hearing at the dinner table. Her Professors aren’t looking backwards trying to cling to what was, they’re preparing her for what’s coming. This doesn’t just validate our mission as a school; it fills me with hope for the future, which seems to be in short supply these days.

In the coming weeks I’m looking forward to sharing more about how Eternity is equipping students for the church that will be. I hope it gives you the same sense of hope I feel.


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