18 New Degree Options

By Joshua Walker, Academic Dean

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just added the opportunity for Eternity students to get 18 new bachelor’s degree programs

This announcement is the culmination of a long journey. In 2004 we started with a commitment to in-depth Bible education so we developed one of the most comprehensive and rigorous undergraduate Bible degrees around.

Over the years, demand grew for shorter 1-2 year offerings so that certain students could get a biblical foundation with us and then move on to prepare for their careers at a different college or university. While this approach has produced great results, the additional cost and time investment didn’t always work for our students.

So, how did we add 18 Bachelor’s degrees overnight? We did it through a partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU). It works like this: a student takes a typical Bachelor’s degree worth of courses with about about two-thirds taken at Eternity and one-third taken at IWU in a specific major, and at the end they get a Bachelors of Biblical Studies from Eternity and another Bachelor’s degree in their chosen major from IWU. Yes, the same work as one Bachelor’s degree but they get two degrees, one from each institution. This will create lots of exciting opportunities for our graduates!

Alongside their Biblical Studies training, IWU will prepare students for effective gospel advancement in and through their careers in a variety of fields like accounting, business administration, marketing, I.T, cyber-security and many more. This means our students can receive specialized training for their chosen careers without sacrificing in-depth Bible training or adding years or tens of thousands of dollars to their education.

For those who know me, you know that I spent years working as an engineer prior to setting it all aside to join the team founding Eternity. I’ve always had a passion to equip Christians for effective gospel ministry in the workplace, not only in vocational ministry. This partnership with IWU takes us a huge step further in that dream. Students will now have the opportunity to have both in depth bible training AND solid preparation for many careers.

Please join me in praising the Lord for this opportunity for our graduates, in thanking Him for the partnership with IWU and the gracious institution that they are, and in asking God to bring many students to be trained for kingdom work in a variety of vocations in nations all over the world so that people might come to know and love Him!

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